Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowed In and Losing It!

I've been home from school for two days, and although I enjoy the chance to sleep in on occasion, I think I'm goin' outta my mind with all the snow. Enough already! I've shoveled the white stuff until I feel like I'm becoming the Hunchback of Notre Dame! But I'm burning calories, baby! Oh yeah! Now if I can just stay away from all that junk food that awaits me on the counter. The local meterologists are saying that we have broken records for the most snow in the month of February as of yesterday--21.8 inches. But I feel like I've shoveled several feet of snow. Yes, I AM whining....
I must say I feel sorry for those of you who got slammed on the East Coast....now that's some MAJOR snow you folks have been experiencing. Many folks are experiencing the lack of electricity during this scarey time. Brrrrrr.
But Sadie, my 8-month old black Lab, is just loving all the snow. She leaps through the mounds of snow like a deer in a meadow. She pauses long enough to stick her nose in it, as if she can sniff out prior dogs 'doo doo' 6+ inches below the surface, and she may very well be able to do so. She's bored out of her mind...thus the 20 trips outside she's demanded. I think I've walked miles in the last few days in just our walks around the block. But she has entertained me throughout this ordeal because she sees this time as a time to hang out with me and she has me around her little finger...or should I say paw. I follow her 'bidding' whenever she whines or barks to go outside. She looks at the heaping mounds as opportunities for adventure--an escape from the humdrum surroundings of our home. Sigmund, our 9-year old male cat, sees Sadie as a constant source of aggravation. For when she isn't sleeping or hanging out with me, Sadie is harassing him by chasing him around the house or up and down our staircase. It's as if my husband and I have a pair of 2-year olds fighting and taunting one another. But it's entertaining for the most part. Uh oh...gotta go, she's pulled the checkbook off the table and is proceeding to chew away. This is not going to be pretty. Sigh....

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